Kathleen Doherty, former U.S. Ambassador and current Chief Strategy and Retreats Officer at Sunnylands, was recently interviewed by Katherine Maxwell, a graduate student studying public administration and international relations at Syracuse University for the Sunnylands 3 by 3 series.

They discussed biases women in leadership roles experience in the diplomatic sector, and how women often adjust to accommodate those situations.

The program focuses on women in different professions. The subject of each interview is allowed to select the person who will interview her, and she will be able to frame the six questions she will be asked.

There’s only one caveat:

Three of those questions must be ones that the subject has been asked before and finds them to be irrelevant. The remaining three questions must be ones the subject is rarely or are never asked, but believes they really should be.

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Listen to a broadcast from the FEDtalk podcast of the Federal News Network from April 9, 2021, in which Office of Management and Budget Associate Director of Performance and Personnel Management Pam Coleman provides an introductory keynote address on the Biden Administration’s effort to strengthen human capital management in the federal government and revitalize the career federal workforce.

Following Coleman’s address, host Jason Briefel sits down with Loren DeJonge Schulman, Vice President of Research and Evaluation at the Partnership for Public Service and Terry Gerton, President and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration.

The group discusses NAPA’s recent report on the Office of Personnel Management and the Partnership’s recent report on Transforming Human Resource in the federal sector. Through the lenses of these reports, the group discusses ways for agencies and Congress to elevate the importance of human capital to ensure the strength and efficiency of the federal workforce.

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The Robertson Foundation for Government (RFG) denounces the increasing violence, harassment and discrimination against Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and others who affiliate as part of Asian cultural groups. We acknowledge the unjust and tragic attacks against Asian Americans and express our unwavering support to our fellows, colleagues and partners who feel most deeply and personally the pain of these actions, as well as to the broader AAPI communities across the nation and internationally.

With a mission to support the United States Government to defend and extend freedom throughout the world, we reiterate that democracy and freedom cannot flourish when the human rights, civil liberties and livelihoods of any group of people are threatened, abused or curtailed. The foundation vigorously condemns all acts as well as systemic policies and practices that oppress, incite anxiety and fear, erect barriers to equal opportunity, and generate inequities.

The foundation affirms again its view that racism, discrimination and racial violence are unacceptable in any place and in any form in a nation that espouses the right to life and liberty for all. Aggression toward AAPI communities must be actively combatted. It highlights historic and pervasive prejudice and racism in the United States that must be dismantled.

The foundation remains dedicated to cultivating and supporting public service leaders who act with integrity to develop and implement policies, programs and practices that enhance the ability of the federal government to ensure freedom, security and opportunity for people of color. RFG believes in addressing challenges with a constant lens on the value and critical importance of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion for the health and strength of our nation and the world.

The Robertson Foundation Board of Directors
April 1, 2021