The Robertson Foundation for Government invests in the future of the United States by cultivating public service leaders and catalyzing globally engaged talent for the federal workforce.

With an emphasis on foreign policy, international relations, and national security, RFG supports graduate academic fellowships, government internships, professional development, and career networking. The Foundation also funds initiatives that highlight the importance and impact of public service, and the dynamic range of opportunities available in the international arena within the federal government.

RFG’s aims are more relevant than ever given the current climate of divisiveness in government, the declining morale among federal public servants, a critical shortage of early career federal employees, and the widely-recognized need to transform the federal workforce to successfully address increasingly complex societal challenges in a globalized world.

RFG Strategic Framework

Pillar 1: Educate, Train and Network for Federal Service Leadership – RFG strives to recruit, educate and train new generations of dedicated, highly qualified, globally minded public service leaders, who achieve impactful careers in the federal government with an emphasis on foreign policy, international relations and national security. The Foundation also works to build and cultivate a vibrant network of public service leaders to help the United States formulate and implement international policies, programs, and partnerships for the benefit of American citizens and people around the world. The Foundation does this through funding academic fellowships and federal government internships, and by providing professional development and career networking opportunities.

Pillar 2: Enhance the Federal Workforce to Meet Current and Future National Needs – RFG works to increase its influence as a thought leader nationally in the public service leadership realm and as an advocate for public service reform and transformation. The Foundation has as one of its goals to raise the profile of RFG to increase the cachet of Fellows so that they can secure government employment and expand their circles of influence as public service leaders. By boosting national awareness of RFG’s activities, the Foundation will also help to foster a pipeline of RFG fellowship applicants to become future leaders meeting federal workforce needs.

Pillar 3: Promote and Catalyze Public Service – RFG aims to promote the value and importance of public service generally and to enhance the U.S. Government’s federal workforce by reinforcing the view that the U.S. Government is an important career destination for talented, dedicated, and engaged leaders.


  • Support academic fellowships
  • Sponsor additional government internships
  • Nurture RFG alumni engagement and interactions
  • Invest in ongoing professional development
  • Leverage collaborations to deliver broad networking opportunities
  • Bolster international relations education


  • Encourage federal workforce reform
  • Promote initiatives that expand USG leadership development
  • Advance pathways for early career entry to federal employment
  • Champion efforts to diversify the federal workforce
  • Strengthen brand amongst a diverse set of agencies
  • Promote activities that strengthen USG-university partnerships


  • Support programs, networks, campaigns catalyzing federal service
  • Encourage marginalized youth to pursue USG careers
  • Expand partnerships that highlight government contributions
  • Position RFG as a thought leader in this area