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Program News
March 29, 2022

The following article is by Dr. Michael Schneider, RFG's Career Advisor to the Foundation's Fellows and Alumni. Learn more about Dr. Schneider here

Fellows in the News
March 23, 2022

When Mark Hoover was in his second year of graduate school and his financial situation changed, the Robertson Foundation for Government stepped in and enabled him to complete his degree and enter into a career of public service.

Program News
June 29, 2021

RFG is pleased to announce its new slate of members and officers for the Board of Directors. John Palmer and Olivia Robertson-Moe are new board members serving three-year terms. Julia Robertson is the new Chair and Ms. Robertson-Moe, the new Secretary.

Fellows in the News
June 28, 2021

In observance of Pride Month, we talked to Andrew Reighart (UMD SPP, '15) about why it is important to observe Pride Month and what the general climate is at EPA, where he is a policy analyst.

Institutional Partner News
May 19, 2021

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 3% of federal employees worked remotely. However, 59% worked remotely at the peak of the pandemic—an unprecedented shift.  As COVID-19 cases continue to drop and vaccines become increasingly available, federal agencies must develop plans to reopen in an inclusiv

Institutional Partner News
May 9, 2021

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