As we all adjust to spending endless hours on Zoom and other video conference services (watch this video for a hilarious take on them!) and wonder when life will return to normal, you can use the following articles to accelerate your transition to the new way of working.

Whether you are a manager responsible for keeping a team moving forward while working remotely, an employee trying to accomplish work despite the many disruptions of home life, or a job candidate facing an entirely virtual interviewing and onboarding process, there is something here for you.

If you have a favorite resource that you think would help others, please let us know. We also welcome your questions about working from home and communications topics, pandemic-related or not!

These folks have always worked from home full-time. Here’s what they say you should know

Coronavirus: Best Practices for Working From Home, According to a Six-Figure Social Media Entrepreneur
Covers the basics – schedule, space, and boundaries – in a very fast read, with great tips for appearing professional on video calls.

Virtual Presentations, Meetings Require New Approaches for Success

Here Are 8 Quick Tips To Keep You From Getting “Zoombombed” By Trolls