Gregori Lebedev

Gregori Lebedev

Senior Advisor and Chair, Advisory Board

Professional Affiliation: 

Chairman, Center for International Private Enterprise

Gregori Lebedev currently holds a portfolio that spans business, government, and philanthropy. He serves as Chairman of the publicly-funded Center for International Private Enterprise, one of the four core institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy, whose mission is to promote free-market institutions and economic reform throughout the world. He is a Senior Advisor to the President and CEO of the United States Chamber of Commerce, the largest business federation in the world, and is a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors. Lebedev is also a Senior Advisor to the Robertson Foundation for Government, a private family fund that supports talented men and women wishing to pursue governmental careers in national security and international affairs; and, sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of Diplomatic Courier, a global affairs media network.  Lebedev regularly advises on business strategy and international affairs and undertakes special projects involving trade, development and global corporate governance. In 2008, he was President George W. Bush’s nominee to be US Representative to the United Nations for Management and Reform (with the rank of Ambassador).

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