As a private foundation with a non-partisan mission to strengthen the Government of the United States and increase its ability to defend and extend freedom around the world, the Robertson Foundation for Government (RFG) focuses on increasing the supply of well-qualified individuals dedicated to federal government service careers addressing international affairs.

The events of January 6 and the aftermath have provided vivid examples of the importance of the processes and procedures that ensure national and international freedoms. America’s democratic processes uphold the United States Constitution and the freedoms it stands for and must be protected at all costs.

RFG is proud that the Robertson Fellows and our partners, across administrations and through times of challenge and unrest, make valuable contributions to support high standards of public service that support effective and equitable government operation. The foundation remains committed to nurturing these talented, dedicated federal public servants to engage in and lead good governance, foster international stability and cooperation, and secure freedom in our nation and across the globe.