The Robertson Foundation for Government (RFG) was created with a mission to support the United States government to defend and extend freedom throughout the world. The foundation condemns all acts and systemic policies and practices that oppress, create barriers to equal opportunity, and foster disparities. 

Democracy and freedom cannot be accomplished and flourish when the human rights and civil liberties of any individual or group of people are not upheld, respected and honored. RFG supports peaceful protests in the furtherance of racial justice. 

Racism and discrimination are unacceptable in any place and in any form in a nation that espouses the right to life and liberty for all. The disproportionate death toll and negative economic impacts among communities of color from the coronavirus pandemic, and the killing of unarmed Black citizens and ongoing violations of the rights of people of color illuminate the historic and pervasive reach of prejudice and racism in the United States. RFG acknowledges the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and those before them whose lives have ended unjustly. 

The foundation reaffirms its commitment to support and promote policies, practices and education that enhance the federal government to ensure freedom and security for people of color and all Americans. RFG will work to cultivate leaders who act responsibly and foster hope and encourage the best of institutions and citizens to live up to the principles of America and equitably address challenges for the strength of our nation and the world. RFG applauds the efforts of civil servants at all levels of government who seek to address the failures of American society to live up to its ideals, to preserve constitutional rights, and empower government institutions that make the realization of those ideals possible.

Diversity, justice and inclusion are integral to true democracy and a safe and civil society. RFG will explore and engage in expanded action to further these dimensions vital to achieve government of, by and for the people – all people.

Robertson Foundation for Government Board of Directors