RFG joined forces this summer with the Partnership for Public Service and its Harold W. Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations to host a series of professional development programming for both RFG and Rosenthal Fellows who were interning this summer at a variety of government offices. This partnership, which has been ongoing for more than 10 years, gives RFG Fellows the opportunity to network with Rosenthal Fellows, who come from a variety of graduate degree programs across the U.S. These Rosenthal Fellows share the same passion as RFG Fellows for pursuing careers in the public sector and for addressing the most pressing public policy challenges in the both the domestic and international arenas. 

In an effort to promote greater collaboration and connection between RFG and Rosenthal Fellows, and to provide opportunities for professional growth, the Foundation organized biweekly events in July and August with the Partnership for Public Service. These events included a workshop on how to leverage networking when job hunting in the public sector; a session on careers in transnational security and refugee assistance; a workshop on how to effectively write for both senior government officials and the media; and a speed networking event with alumni. Each event featured experienced RFG and Rosenthal alumni, along with guest speakers who were experts in their field, affording Fellows the opportunity to expand their professional networks, learn more about potential career paths, and gain wisdom from the experience of others. 

In recognition of the importance of supporting the professional development of students and increasing diversity in the public sector, RFG issued a grant this summer to the Partnership for Public Service that provided stipends to four Rosenthal Fellows. These stipends made it possible for the four Fellows to pursue internships in the public sector without the financial burden of an unpaid internship. The recipients of the stipends were chosen by the Partnership for Public Service for the diversity that they would bring not only to the Rosenthal Fellowship cohort, but to government at-large. The Fellows represented demographic diversity, including gender, race, and ethnicity; non-U.S. and dual citizens; universities that are traditionally underrepresented in the Rosenthal Fellowship; and/or unique backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in the Rosenthal Fellowship. RFG is proud of its longstanding partnership with the Rosenthal Fellowship and its efforts to promote diversity in the public sector while cultivating the next generation of federal government leaders.