This past July, RFG Fellows and Alumni gathered together on the patio of the DACOR Bacon House as part of the Foundation’s annual summer BBQ event, a tradition that had been postponed for the past two years in response to COVID-19. The Fellows and Alumni were joined by spouses and significant others, and by Rosenthal Fellows interning in the Washington, DC area this summer. 

With over 40 individuals in attendance at the event, RFG Alumni smiled and laughed as they reunited with other alumni from their RFG partner schools and their graduation class years. RFG Fellows interning in the Washington, DC area this summer remarked on how incredible it was to be back in-person and to have the opportunity to engage with each other and RFG Alumni face-to-face. 

Along with the summer BBQ event, RFG invited Fellows and Alumni to connect in person in July at a Cocktails on the Patio event hosted by the DACOR Bacon House. This event gave Fellows and Alumni the opportunity to network with DACOR Bacon House members, including many retired Foreign Service Officers. A small contingent of RFG Alumni from the Texas A&M Bush School also met in person in July as part of the Dean of the Bush School’s summer intern and alumni reception. 

While RFG will continue to host virtual events during the academic school year, the Foundation is excited to return to in-person events both for the summer and the upcoming RFG Fall Gathering in October.