The Robertson Foundation for Government (RFG) is proud to recognize three Robertson Fellows who have been selected as Presidential Management Fellows (PMF)  Class of 2023 Finalists! Congratulations to  Emily Ashbridge (Bush, 2023), Jacob Emont (Maxwell, 2023), and Cate Pollock (UCSD, 2022) for this outstanding achievement!

The PMF Program is the Federal Government’s premier leadership development program for advanced degree holders. As Finalists, Emily, Jacob, and Cate will have the opportunity to be appointed to a two-year, full-time Federal position with salary and benefits, where they will apply their skills while engaging in leadership development training that includes experiential learning, cohort-based interactive training, and optional rotational experiences.

Each of these Fellows had to undergo a rigorous application process, including an online, multi-part assessment and a panel interview. Of the 10,000 individuals who applied for the PMF Program this year, Emily, Jacob, and Cate are among the 850 selected  Finalists. They join a network of more than 35 Robertson Fellows, who have also been selected as PMF Finalists since 2011. RFG toasts these Fellows on their accomplishment and looks forward to following their public service careers in the U.S. Government.