The Robertson Foundation for Government (RFG) invests in the future of the United States by cultivating public service leaders and catalyzing globally engaged talent for the federal workforce.

With an emphasis on foreign policy, international relations, and national security, RFG supports graduate academic fellowships, government internships, professional development, and career networking.

The foundation also funds initiatives that highlight the importance and impact of public service, and the dynamic range of opportunities available in the international arena within the federal government.

The Robertson Foundation for Government does not accept unsolicited requests or proposals for funding.

Our Logo

The funds that created the RFG initially were from shares of The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, which became a leading national grocery store chain known as A&P. Marie Robertson was an heiress to the A&P fortune. Among their many philanthropic endeavors, Marie and her husband Charles Robertson donated A&P stock to support training that fosters future public service leaders for the federal government, with an emphasis on foreign affairs, international relations, and national security.

While an American company, A&P was a wholesaler and retailer of tea and coffee from around the world, transported via ships traveling across the globe. The RFG logo links that past world-wide connection to the foundation’s focus on cultivating future U.S. government leaders who are informed with international perspective.

The four segments within the globe symbolize the pillars of RFG’s activities to support public service leadership:

  1. Graduate academic fellowships
  2. Government internships
  3. Professional development and educational programming
  4. Networking and partnerships that promote public service

Together, these elements help catalyze careers in service to the nation.