Institutional Partners

RFG supports and promotes projects and organizations that foster public service and federal workforce development, engagement in foreign policy, and understanding of global connections, international affairs, and national security.

Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation.

Margaret Chase Smith, former member of the U.S. Senate

The foundation also promotes or collaborates in the efforts of organizations with common aims to enhance the federal workforce, develop capacity and skills of public service leaders, highlight the importance and impact of public service, and the dynamic range of opportunities available in the international arena within the federal government.

Following are some of the organizations and initiatives that RFG collaborates with, funds, or promotes. Please click on the links to learn more about their important work.

APSIA: Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs

APSIA brings together the leading graduate schools around the world, which specialize in international affairs.

CSIS: Center for Strategic and International Studies

Established in Washington, D.C., over 50 years ago, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a bipartisan, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to providing strategic insights and policy solutions to help decisionmakers chart a course toward a better world.

DACOR: Organization of Foreign Affairs Professionals

DACOR fosters frank dialog about current foreign policy matters in the trusted environment of the DACOR Bacon House.

Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security

The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security is setting a course for a more stable, peaceful, and just world by examining and highlighting the roles of women in forging peace and growing economies.


GovLoop serves a community of more than 300,000 government leaders by helping them to foster collaboration, learn from each other, solve problems and advance in their government careers.

ICONS Project

The ICONS Project creates simulations and scenario-driven exercises to advance participants' understanding of complex problems and strengthen their ability to make decisions, navigate crises, think strategically, and negotiate collaboratively.

Meridian International Center

Building on more than 55 years of experience, Meridian prepares U.S. and international leaders to meet global challenges and opportunities.

NAPA: National Academy of Public Administration

The National Academy of Public Administration helps government leaders solve their most critical management challenges.

NASPAA: Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration

NASPAA's twofold mission is to ensure excellence in education and training for public service and to promote the ideal of public service.

Partnership for Public Service

America deserves a great government – efficient, innovative and responsive to the needs of its citizens. The Partnership for Public Service is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that strives to revitalize the federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way it works.

PLEN: Public Leadership Education Network

PLEN’s mission is to increase the number of women in top leadership positions influencing all aspects of the public policy process.

PPIA: Public Policy & International Affairs Program

The Public Policy and International Affairs Program (PPIA) works to promote the inclusion and full participation of underrepresented groups in public service and to advance their leadership roles throughout our civic institutions serving domestic and international affairs.


ProFellow is the go-to source for information on professional and academic fellowships, created by fellows for aspiring fellows.

Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations

Established in 1977 in the memory of Harold W. Rosenthal, the Rosenthal Fellowship was created to expose young scholars of foreign affairs to the inner workings of Congress, the U.S. Department of State and other agencies of the federal government.

SEA: Senior Executives Association

The Senior Executives Association (SEA) is the professional association for career members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and equivalent positions. SEA also represents aspiring leaders (GS-12 to GS-15s) who are part of SEA’s leadership pipeline program.

The Volcker Alliance

The mission of the Volcker Alliance is to advance effective management of government to achieve results that matter to citizens. They envision a public sector workforce with the experience, preparation, and commitment to ensure government—local, state, and federal—delivers with excellence.

U.S. Diplomatic Studies Foundation

The US Diplomatic Studies Foundation looks to provide support for a rigorous, effective, and efficient State Department training continuum that prepares national security leaders at every stage of their careers.

United Nations Association, National Capital Area

With the help of over 5,000 members, volunteers, and supporters in the greater Washington area, UNA-NCA works to build public knowledge, strengthen UN-US relations, and aid the UN in achieving its goals.

Virtual Student Federal Service

Through the Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) program, students can work on projects that advance the work of government on multiple fronts.

WFPG: Women’s Foreign Policy Group

Since its founding over 20 years ago, WFPG has been committed to promoting women’s leadership and voices in international affairs through its in-depth global issues programming and mentoring activities. 

Young Government Leaders

YGL is committed to serving as a coordinated voice for the current and future generations of young government leaders by providing a community of leadership through professional development activities, networking opportunities, social events, seminars, fellowships, and scholarships.

YPFP: Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

YPFP engages, builds, and amplifies an international community of young, dynamic, diverse leaders from all sectors to accelerate their impact on critical global challenges.