On Tuesday morning, Government Executive announced the winners of its inaugural Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards.

Earlier this year, in connection with its 50th anniversaryGovernment Executive launched the awards program to honor an all-star team of distinguished federal officials and their partners outside government. The winners have demonstrated outstanding achievement in delivering on government’s promise to serve the American people.

The Leadership Awards program recognizes 15 honorees in the following categories:

  • Visionaries: For those who have developed promising new approaches to solving government’s biggest challenges
  • Directors: For excellence in managing people, programs and policy implementation
  • Pathfinders: For innovation in bringing advances in information technology to government
  • Defenders: For distinguished achievement in national security, homeland security and international affairs
  • Masters: For noteworthy accomplishments in science-related endeavors in areas such as space, health, environment, energy and agriculture
  • Partners: For non-federal sector allies whose support and guidance of government initiatives was key to their success

Among the 15 honorees, National Academy of Public Administration Fellow John Kamensky was recognized for his role as an outstanding partner of the federal workforce. NAPA is a partner of the Robertson Foundation for Government.

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