Alumni Network

The foundation and RFG Fellows benefit from an active network of alumni who provide input for ongoing enhancement of foundation programs, and who support and mentor each other, share resources, and collaborate and engage as colleagues throughout their careers.

Two truths are all too often overshadowed in today’s political discourse: Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship.

Olympia Snowe, former United States Senator

Alumni Benefits

  • Access to a growing community of RFG Fellows involved in a wide range of work and initiatives across the United States and around the world.
  • Invitations to participate in RFG trainings and seminars and events organized by other groups to support ongoing professional development.
  • Access to a Professional Development Fund for up to $600 per individual annually to support participation in workshops, conferences and other activities that will build public service career capacity.
  • Opportunities to participate in career networking events sponsored by RFG and other groups.

Connect and Share

Take advantage of the RFG network for career advice, mentoring, sharing events, seeking input, discussing issues, and more. Login and update your profile using the button in the upper right corner. This allows you to better connect with and support your fellow fellows locally, nationally and internationally.

Engage with the foundation and the RFG Fellows’ network via the RFG Facebook Page, the RFG LinkedIn Company page, the fellows' commnity hub RFG Fellows & Alumni LinkedIn Group, Twitter and YouTube.

Keep us posted! RFG Fellows are engaged in a broad range of important work tackling complex national and global issues. Share information about your activities, projects, jobs and accomplishments with the foundation staff so that we can spread the word among the network via the quarterly Robertson Report, and our social media outlets.

Alumni Council

The RFG Alumni Council was established to foster a vibrant, connected, inclusive corps of alumni no matter where you live or work.

Alumni elect a representative from each of the participating universities and a president who serves a term of one to two years (as their time commitment allows). From among the six elected individuals, officers are designated for positions of vice president, treasurer, chair of communications, chair of events, or other positions as the Alumni Council deems useful.

The current officers are:

Chad DeLuca, President (graduated from Maxwell)
Sharon Swabb (UCSD Representative)
Gabrielle Keleher (Bush Representative)
Stephanie Martone (Fletcher Representative)
Renato Barreda (UMD Representative)

Interested in becoming active on the Alumni Council, initiating an alumni event, or starting an alumni chapter? Contact the RFG staff and Alumni Council at