Ryan Damron

University of Maryland, School of Public Policy
Class Year: 2022

International Security and Economic Policy

Originally from Huntington, West Virginia, Ryan received dual bachelors' degrees in economics and accounting from West Virginia University. His senior economics thesis examined American real macroeconomic GDP growth during the second World War. During university, he held internships with a boutique financial firm, a research engineering firm, Ernst and Young, and KPMG.

After consulting on federal clients with KPMG, Ryan decided to make a career change into public service. In January 2018, Ryan joined the US Peace Corps, where he served as an education and community development volunteer in Albania. There, his major personal and collaborative projects included: Built multi-lingual tourist infrastructure; managed the annual nationwide English as a Second Language writing competition; assisted in grant writing and research for the Anti-Trafficking in Persons committee; co-managed disaster response initiative after a devastating earthquake. He closed his service on March 4, 2020.

Ryan is now an incoming MPP candidate at the University of Maryland. There, he will specialize in International Security an Economic Policy.

"I'm not a Robot"