Victoria Adofoli

University of Maryland, School of Public Policy
Class Year: 2022

International Development, International Security & Economic Policy

Victoria Adofoli is a Master of Public Policy candidate at the University of Maryland with a concentration in International Security and Economic Policy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Peace Studies. Her research interests lie at the intersection of policy, technology, and development; particularly when addressing challenges such as mass migration, wealth gap, climate change, sustainable development and innovation. Victoria is a Restorative Justice Practitioner who has assisted her community and local county attorney’s office on misdemeanor cases, issues of discrimination, and criminal justice reform. She also has a background as a community organizer fighting for affordable housing, women’s rights, and education reform. Most recently, she worked as a Product Manager for a tech startup whose mission is to bridge the racial wealth gap by building tech-enabled tools that help small businesses (especially those led by women of color, the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs) save time, increase sales, and invest in their community. Victoria is pursuing a career in the federal government where she can work on multiple initiatives for broad-based economic development and poverty reduction for underserved communities.

She is a 2020 Urban Leaders Fellow and served as a U.S. Fulbright scholar in Malaysia, where she spent a year abroad developing educational programs and projects sponsored by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the U.S. government. Prior to that, she served in Cambodia as a Human Rights Advocate and Development Associate for non-governmental organizations whose mission is to eradicate sex trafficking and provide economic empowerment to survivors.

"I'm not a Robot"