Robyn Battles

Texas A&M, Bush School
Class Year: 2022

International Affairs

Robyn Battles graduated in 2020 from Texas A&M University at Galveston (TX) with a BS in University Studies; this included a concentration in maritime public policy and communication and minors in anthropology and maritime studies. As a first-generation Aggie, Robyn proudly served as the first African-American female student body president at the Galveston campus. She further served the Aggie community as a member of the Maroon Delegates and Black Student Alliance. In 2017-18, Robyn attended multiple foreign policy-based conferences that fostered her interest in international affairs. To further develop her skills, she spent six-weeks in Morocco studying formal Arabic. Robyn’s experiences and history of service inspired her to pursue a career in the US Foreign Service with the hopes of becoming a career ambassador.

"I'm not a Robot"