Topher Taylor

UC San Diego, School of Global Policy and Strategy
Class Year: 2021
Position: Passport Specialist

International Politics

Topher is working at the San Diego Passport Agency while finishing the final year of his master's degree in International Affairs. He has a B.S. in Geography from BYU and minors in Asian Studies, International Development, and International Strategy & Diplomacy. He has worked as a Thai interpreter and currently volunteers as a Thai translator. Some of his favorite experiences have been working with Catholic Community Services’ refugee foster care program and as a researcher on the Global Truth Commission Index (GTCI), where he analyzed reports from commissions in Morocco, East Timor, South Africa, Mauritius, and Nigeria. He has research interests in disability rights and conflict engagement and in involved in related efforts during his spare time. In his career, he hopes to reduce systemic inequity and promote human rights both in the United States and abroad, particularly in Southeast Asia.

"I'm not a Robot"