Roger Gildersleeve

Syracuse University, Maxwell School
Class Year: 2020

Hailing from Alexandria, Virginia, Roger is pursuing joint graduate degrees in Public Administration and International Relations. Roger is an alumnus of Virginia Tech, with a Bachelor of the Arts in Geography. While there, he was awarded a scholarship from the Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence to a month-long immersion program in southwestern China, sparking his interest in the region.

After graduation, Roger returned to China for two years to teach English and study Mandarin. In the four years since his first trip to China, learning Mandarin has been the catalyst for his passion in foreign affairs, opening a gateway to participate in a dialogue to understand China. Since returning, Roger has had the pleasure of being a Geographic Information Systems Technician for the Fairfax County Park Authority in Northern Virginia, where he created geospatial data assets for the betterment of the county’s 1 million citizens.

While at the Maxwell School, Roger’s next move involves applying his technical skills, and international experience to the classroom environment to further his career goals in development and diplomacy in East Asia.

"I'm not a Robot"