Alice Rivlin: A Patriot Who Championed Good Government


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Alice Rivlin: A Patriot Who Championed Good Government

Alice Rivlin's death on May 14 may have gone unnoticed in some circles amid news of Trump tariffs, the banning of facial-recognition technology in San Francisco, and reports of financial irregularities at the National Rifle Association. Even the next day's New York Times obituary page did not carry her death as its lead story, as comedian Tim Conway had died on the same day.

But for those of us who knew and admired Rivlin, her 60-year career as an economist, careful analyst, governmental institution builder and public leader is something to pause and reflect on, and give tribute to. In fact, many people who may not know her name or may not have noted her passing have benefited and will continue to benefit from her lifetime of serving the public.

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