Megan Whinna

University of Maryland, School of Public Policy


After completing her bachelor’s degree in Education, Megan served as a Peace Corps education volunteer in The Gambia. During her service, she organized a wide range of projects including country-wide literacy programs, youth development camps, and volunteer trainings. She was promoted to the role of literacy coordinator where she spearheaded major improvements to pre-service and in-service trainings. For the past four years, she worked as an elementary school teacher. As a teacher, she developed and molded equitable math teaching practices for her colleagues. Megan cares about community-based international development through capacity building. Her experiences in The Gambia during the countries transition from dictatorship to democracy made her want to pursue using grassroots diplomacy as a tool for democratization and promotion of human rights. Her research interests include project development and institutional learning with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Megan will be earning a Master’s of Public Policy from the University of Maryland, specializing in International Development.