Harnessing Public Health and Human Services Systems to Create an Equitable & Resilient Nation


February 25, 2021


3:00 PM



Location: Online

Human services systems play a pivotal role to tackle disparities and inequities at the root, looking at policies, people, and delivery systems that form the brick and mortar to building equitable opportunities. Human services can provide access to quality childcare, education, and health care; assure food and housing security; promote opportunities to earn family-sustaining wages and accumulate savings; connect people to support systems that reduce stress, and much more. As a cornerstone to constructing a nation where all families can thrive, public leaders can harness human services to work synergistically with our broader health and economic infrastructure to create strong and resilient communities built on human potential.

In this session, the National Academy of Public Administration and the American Public Health Services Association will host an interactive discussion with state, local, and research leaders in the human services field on how federal policy is being translated into solutions on the ground to tackle the most pressing social and economic needs of families. In this discussion, they will also explore what’s needed for our human services systems to prevent issues before they happen and help families succeed for the long-term.

Duke Storen – Commissioner, Virginia Department of Social Services
Antonia Jimenez – Director, Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services
Jodi Sandfort – Dean, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, University of Washington

Reflections from:
Teresa W. Gerton – President and CEO, National Academy of Public Administration
Gary Glickman – Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration

Moderated By:
Tracy Wareing Evans – President and CEO, American Public Human Services Association