The Future of Government Leadership is Now


December 8, 2020


10:00 AM



Location: Online

SEA Presents: The Future of Government Leadership is Now - a three day virtual leadership summit designed to empower participants to take ideas about the future of work and apply them today. Between the pandemic, the shift to fully remote work environments, changing economy and talent drivers, the ideas that drive how work and leadership will be handled in the future are being tested immediately. The Government's leaders are being challenged to meet this new work dynamic head on - which may require different ways of thinking and being. 

Through evocative keynote speakers, breakout panel discussions, engaging thought leadership presentations, curated exclusive salons, and a dynamic virtual experience, the summit will provide tools, resources, and ideas to focus you around the themes of Self, People and Systems. This is leadership at its core, but also leadership that is performance-focused, resilient, agile, forward leaning, and action-oriented.  

Join colleagues from across government to explore, learn, take time to focus on yourself, and build connections. 

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RFG Fellows and alumni can contact Program Director Alexandra Ghara to find out about special pricing.