Cybersecurity: Building Resiliency is the Way Forward


January 22, 2020


8:30 AM


Partnership for Public Service, 1100 New York Ave NW, Suite 200 East, Washington, DC 20005

Location: Partnership for Public Service, 1100 New York Ave NW, Suite 200 East, Washington, DC 20005

Through their series Future Forward: Harnessing the exponential power of technology, the Partnership for Public Service, in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton, is exploring how federal leaders can use emerging technology to improve agency outcomes and operations. So far, federal leaders have investigated how edge computing and augmented and virtual reality are providing agencies with new capabilities to deliver services, work collaboratively with external stakeholders and build a 21st-century workforce.


Read this recent blog post to learn how edge computing can transform the ways agencies store and process data and how federal leaders can begin adopting this emerging technology.

Download the Quick Tips for Immersive Technologies as a quick reference guide to augmented and virtual reality, and discover how these technologies are already being used in government. The guide also includes additional resources for federal leaders seeking to incorporate AR and VR in their work.


To help agencies take advantage of such technologies, the Partnership and Booz Allen are hosting events on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and acquisition strategies for emerging technologies in 2020. Each event in the series explores a different technology, discusses its potential to enhance agency outcomes, outlines barriers to adoption and ways to overcome them, and provides immediate steps agencies can take to get ahead of the technology curve. Federal leaders are encouraged to sign up to attend the events below:

Cybersecurity: Building Resiliency is the Way Forward on Wednesday, January 22

YouAI: Propelling Insights and Actions Through Artificial Intelligence on Thursday, February 27

Identifying Innovative Acquisitions to Capture Exponential Value on Tuesday, April 7